Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Intel Atom Cloverview chips coming soon

Microsoft is building a version of Windows capable of running on ARM-based processors as well as x86 based processors like those built by Intel and AMD. The move is hardly surprising: tablets are selling like hot cakes. Most of them have ARM-based processors. And because Windows can't run on ARM-based chips, few tablets ship with Microsoft's operating system. By building a version of Windows compatible with ARM-processors, Microsoft is hoping that it will get its share of the tablet market.

Meanwhile Intel is working on making its chips even more power efficient. The chip maker is also eying the tablet market. The upcoming Intel Atom Cloverview processors which are supposed to replace the Intel Oak Trail chips next year will reportedly be comparable to ARM-processors in power consumption. The Cloverview chips are expected to launch at about the same time as the launch of Windows 8.

They are the first Atom chips built with the 32nm design. Few details are available right now, but it is safe to assume that they will consume less power and generate less heat than today's Atom processors.

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